Matches Midlands

Fixtures 2011/12

DATE 1st Team 2nd Team NOTES
 20/8/11  3pm ko
 27/08/11  Birmingham Exiles(h) Birmingham Exiles(a)  3pm ko
 3/9/11  Dunlop2s(h)  3pm ko
 10/09/11  Coventry Colts(a) L  3pm ko
 17/09/11  Warwickian(h)  L  Cov Tech(h) L  3pm ko
 24/09/11  Junior vase 2.30ko
 1/10/11 The Barbarians(a)       L The Barbarians(h)  L  3pm ko
 8/10/11 Eastbourne(h)    L  Spartans3s (a) L  3pm ko
 15/10/11  Shottery(h)  Junior vase 2.30ko
 22/10/11 Broadstreets(h)  Old Leamss(h) L  3pm ko
29/10/11  Saracens(h)       L  Standard(a) L  3pm ko
 5/11/11  Old Wheats(a)  Manor Park3s(h) Junior vase 2.30ko
 12/11/11  Cov Tech(a)      L  Stoke OB (h) L  2.15pm ko
19/11/11  Pinley2s (a) Addlestone(h)  L  2.15pm ko
 26/11/11 Addlestone (a)  Berks& Balsall2s (h)  Junior vase 2.30ko
 3/12/11  Stoke OB (h)     L  Broadstreet4s (a) L  2.15pm ko
 10/12/11  Claverdon(a)  L  2.15pm ko
 17/12/11  Coventry Colts(a)      L AEI (h)   L  2.15pm ko
 24/12/11 FREE
 31/12/11  FREE
7/01/11  Broadstreet2s(a)  Broadstreet4s(h)  L  2.15pm ko
14/01/11 The Barbarians (h)  L Addlestone(a)  L  2.15pm ko
21/01/11  Manor Park(a)  Stoke OB(a)  L  2.15pm ko
 28/01/11 Eastbourne(a) L  Standard (h)  2.15pm ko
 4/2/11 Old Leamss(a)  L  Scot v Eng 2.15ko
 11/02/11  Old Wheats(h) Flick memorial  Shottery(a)  Italy v Eng 2.15ko
 18/02/11 Saracens (a)      L Spartans3s(h)  L  2.15pm ko
 25/02/11 Addlestone(h) The Barbarians(a)  L  Eng v Wales 2.15ko
 3/03/11 Cov Tech(h)     L Manor Park3s (a)  2.15pm ko
10/03/11  Cov Tech(a)  L  France v Eng 2.15ko
17/03/11 Berks&Balsall2s (a) Eng v Ire 2.15ko
24/03/11  Stoke OB (a)    L  Coventry Colts  2.15pm ko
31/03/11 AEI (a)  L  2.15pm ko
7/04/11 Dunlop2s (a)  2.15pm ko
14/04/11  Coventry Colts  Claverdon(h)  L  2.15pm ko
21/04/11 Warwickians (a)    L Dunlop3s (h)  2.15pm ko
 28/04/11 Pinley2s  (h)  2.15pm ko
 5/05/11  Cov Welsh(a) Jon Roden memorial


Fixtures 2009/10

DATE 1st Team L 2nd Team L2 3rd Team
21/08/2010  Earlsdon 1s trial game(h)
04/09/2010 Manor Park  1s(h) Manor Park2s(a)
11/09/2010  Claverdon L (a) L Berks/Balsall2s  L(a) L
18/09/2010 Warwickians  (h)L L Butts3s L(a) L
25/09/2010 Birmingham Exiles(h) Birmingham Exiles(a)
02/10/2010 Bredon Star L (a) L Stoke OB 2s L (h) L
09/10/2010 The Barbarians L (h) L Old Sills 3s (a)
16/10/2010 Old Covents3s L (a) L
23/10/2010 Eastbourne  L (a) L Dunlop3s (h)
30/10/2010 Saracens  L  (a) L  Coventry Colts 2s L(h) L
06/11/2010 Warley (a)  Warley 2s (h)  Eng v nz
13/11/2010 Cov Tech  L (h) L Bedworth 3s  L (a) L  Eng v aus
20/11/2010 Chaddesley Corbett L (a) L Cov Welsh 2s L(h) L Eng v samoa
27/11/2010 Kenilworth 3s (a)  Eng v sa
04/12/2010 Old Wheats  L (h) L  Berks/Balsall 2s L (h) L
11/12/2010 Warwickians L (a) L  Barker Butts3s L(h) L
08/01/2011  Bredon Star  L (h) L
15/01/2011 The Barbarians  (a) L Old Covents3s  L (h) L
22/01/2011 Pinley (h)  Coventry Colts 2s L (a) L
29/01/2011 Pinley2s (h)
05/02/2011 Eastbourne L(h) L Bedworth 3s  L (h) L Wales v Eng
12/02/2011  Cov Welsh L (a) L  Eng v Italy
19/02/2011 Saracens L  (h) L Dunlop3s (a)
26/02/2011 Stoke OB  (h) Stoke OB 2s  L (a) L  Eng v France
05/03/2011 Cov Tech  L (a) L Old Sills 3s (h)
12/03/2011 Eng v Scotland
19/03/2011 Birmingham Exiles (a) Birmingham Exiles 2s(h)  Ire v Eng
26/03/2011  Chaddesley Corbett  L (h) L Kenilworth 3s (h)
09/04/2011 Old Wheats  L (a) Flick Memo L
16/04/2011  Claverdon  L  (h) L  Pinley2s (a)
23/04/2011 Manor Park (a) Manor Park 2s  (h)
30/04/2011 Pinley (a) Â
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