Coventry Rugby 35 – 8 Eastbourne

Saturday was a day for physical forward play. We have a great record against Eastborne and yet they’re perennial party poopers which usually punch it out in limited, swollen events and triumph narrowly in the end. Not so the other day as our fat guys cranked up the temperature in the pantry and generated an encouraging triumph that sees us sit proudly, 11 notches clear at the top of the pile.

The writing was on the wall in the 11th min when Tom Jones went on the rampage through 5 defensive players from the half way line and scored under the posts for Tim Hatfield to convert. On 16 minutes, John Humphreys hit their No 8 rather late leaving him stunned and disoriented however luckily no send off, but Eastborne kicked the resulting penalty making the score 7-3.

On 40 mins, from a Eastborne scrum on their line, we got the ball and Big Paul jumped on the scoreboard with Tim converting to make the score 14-3. Five minutes after that, on our line, we have to give credit to Eastborne who shoved our drowsy forwards over for a score to take us into the intermission 14-8.

On 46 mins, Big Paul once more, from a scrum on the 22 went over unopposed and Tim once again converted. The 50th minute saw exactly the exact same combination Big Paul as well as Tim take the score to 28-8 and after that in 67th min it happened once more as Big Paul scored his 5th try from No 8 and once again Tim converted for 35-8. The only thing that occurred in the remaining 15 minutes was for Sean to knock on (duh!!) and Peter to obtain a yellow card with about 17 secs to go. Overall a good day!

The Barbarians 0 – 31 Coventry Rugby

Coventry Rugby developed a 4 point lead on top of the league with a convincing win against first place team,The Barbarians. This was their 3rd successive win without yielding a point while racking up 31 points of their very own.

Yes I’m having issues (once again) with this ineffective, awkward piece of crap web site yet no matter – yesterday’s scorers were Tom Jones 12, George ‘the Geordie’ Worthington 6 and noth forgetting Tony’s 3.

Rugby Kit: Balls, Rugby Boots and Protection

Balls: We have all the balls we need here at The Grounds, however, I know some of you prefer to bring your own ball.  A top quality rugby ball will certainly help you enhance your handling and kicking skills on and off the field, and some of you enthusiasts has gone out and bought some real nice ones, so please feel free to use them during training. However, please ensure that they are properly inflated. We have air compressors in the equipment room that you are welcome to use – please ask the equipment manager on instructions on how to use them if you are unclear. Alternatively, you might have the regular sort of air compressor that you use for DIY projects at home, these can be used also, but please make sure you have an air gauge or tire inflator attached to it to ensure that the balls are inflated to match specifications.

Rugby Boots: For all rugby players, it is absolutely necessary to know the type of foot you have as well as the type of running style you exhibit. Importantly, figure out if you are flat-footed or your foot has a high arch as this determines the type of boot you should go for. Rugby boots need to fit over your feet well. For forwards, since you need all the lower body strength you can muster especially in scrums, you should go for the higher ankle boot styles. These also reduce the chances that you will get an injury there. For Kickers and Backs, you probably already know the best type of boot for you is the tight-fitting low-cut boot which gives you a better feel for the ball and lets you run like a bat out of hell! Read more on our Rugby Kit Page….

Protection: Rugby players have regularly used some kind of safety gear over the years. However since 1995, when the game became professional, stringent rules have since been introduced governing what types of gear you can and can not use during matches. In addition, the sport’s regulating authority, the IRB, has been tasked with having to authorise all types of head safety gear permitted in professional rugby matches. Head safety gear is normally made from light man-made components making them strong and able to withstand high impacts. They’re particularly important for front row forwards to avoid ear injuries during scrums. Importantly, as with all other gear, make sure that the head safety gear you use is comfortable – you don’t want to be distracted during games. Read more on our Rugby Kit Page….

Coventry Rugby 36 – 0 The Priorians

The Priorians Old Boys were taken down by our physical power at a bright but chilly Westfield Stadium as we invited lost lamb Tom Jones back from his Bournemouth vacation with him he making his brawny existence felt in the 8th minute, picking up in the Priorians’s 22 and rampaging through 3 tackles to touch down under the timbers. Tim Hatfield converted as usual and we were underway at 7 – 0.

In the 25th minute, from a penalty, Tom got hold of the ball, interweaved through around 20 yards, and despite much resistance, touched down for 12 – 0. Tim did the honours for 14 – 0. Three mins later on came the best moment of the match when the Geordie chipped a kick up the extreme right and set off to go after it before The Priorian’s 16 unceremoniously threw him out.

In the 2nd half, on 53 minutes, Tim slotted for 17 – 0 and we all then believed that The Priorians are knackered. But not so! They embarked on a camping vacation in our 22 for what has to have been at the very least 18 minutes. Time and time again they attacked through our host of fatties and time and time again we repelled them – there were 1 or 2 interesting choices from a stressed out man in green and his temper was not helped by Omar Shariff-lookalike Suleiman Husseiny shouting advice from the side line.

Our strong defence paid dividends in the 73rd minute as bulky Tom Jones again managed to hold the ball and strode onward like a bull in a china shop. Kicking off 2 tackles and also a bunch of pottery he placed Sean Crackerty in the corner for 22 – 0. Tim missed the kick which was a surprise treat for the opposition but no fear, another try from My Jones and one more oppotunity for Tim to reprieve himself brought us to 29 – 0.

So the game was up after that? No way Jose (aka Jones) it was him destroyed Priorian hearts by once more rampaging onward, in the 83rd minute, through a the slim enemy line from midway and wrapping up under the posts. Did he flop down in triumph? No, he popped it to a startled Sean to make sure 34 – 0 and a hat trick pint from Sean. Smart children these Number 8 forwards. Hatfield did the honours and the ref brought to an end a somewhat proficient 36 – 0 triumph against deflated but perky opposition.

So that ended up being 70 points garnered in two games and it was just later on in the club that we realised that we had in fact reached the summit of the league and now rested happily at the top. Long might we remain there!

Addlestone 0 – 34 Coventry Rugby

We trashed old adversaries Addlestone 34-0 at Long Beach Road today with tries from Jones 2, Geordie (George Woorthington), Douggiee (Ken Pitchard) and Kaemba Mustaka. Tim Hatfield finished off with 2 conversions and eve Douggiee sent one over.

The second team beat their old rivals Somerfield 30-7 to complete an excellent day for the club.